Winter Specials

Winter specials while supplies last. We reserve the right to substitute if we run out of an item. We deliver.
Pork Special:
2 pork chops
2 pork steaks
3lbs pork sausage
2 ham steaks

Beef special :
2 lbs ground beef
1 lbs stew meat
2 round steaks
pkg soup bones

Chicken special:
2- 4lb chickens (whole)

These specials are all $25.00 each or all 3 for $75.00

Pork Box Special


2 bone in pork chops
4 Pork steaks
3 lbs pork sausage
2 ham steaks

Need a gift for a son or daughter for the holidays?
Have an office party with a $25.00 gift price?
Will you be out of town for the Holidays but need a great gift for a loved one?
Have guests coming over?
Would you like to have some great pork at a great price for your freezer?

Contact us while supplies last, no substitutes.
Offer ends when supplies are gone

Just in time for the Holidays

We have 8 hogs for sale by the half and the whole going in to be processed on December 6th!

Just in time for Christmas dinner plans or gifts for your kids or grandkids.  Sold by the hanging weight $2.00 @lbs plus the processing fee.

We also have beef by the quarter and half going in on the same day. We have 4 quarters and 2 halves.

Sold by the hanging weight – $3.99 @lbs plus the processing fee.

Again a great gift for yourself or your kids!

Happy Graduation

Happy graduation to our DL Farms crew. They officially became Captains in the Army today and the captain of our hearts.

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