Pastured Beef

Our beef  is a “salad bar” beef, meaning our animals are raised on pasture eating grass, herbs forbs, weeds, and anything else Mother Nature provides for them that they want to eat. They are moved daily to fresh pasture and this enables us to make available to our customers beef that hasn’t been fed antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, artificial feeds like poultry wastes or, unbelievably, dead cow parts. (Google bovine spongiform encephalopathy!)

Using the natural herbivore model of eating grass, migrating to fresh feed daily, fresh air, sunshine, exercise and constant, loving care, our cows are healthier and happier than any commercial beef produced in the CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) (another eye-opening Google read!) 

Come make a “pasture” visit here at DL Farms and see for yourself where great beef comes from. (Don’t be surprised if you get licked by one of our very people-friendly Mamas!)

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