Pastured Broilers (Chickens)

We use 6’x8’x2′ high floorless “chicken tractors” that house 20 birds each (2.4 sq.ft. per bird). It takes as little as 6 weeks to produce a 4 lb. chicken from a day-old chick. We raise Cornish Cross chickens that have been bred to gain weight efficiently. Our birds are moved daily in their portable tractors to fresh grass that they consume with gusto! All that chlorophyll (nature’s detoxifier) enables us to raise these birds without antibiotics, steroids, or artificial light to keep them healthy. They are also lower in saturated fat than commercially-raised birds.

Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and loving care makes these chickens fare to be remembered.

Chickens will be fresh and between 3-5 lbs. at time of pick-up.

Price: $3.50/lb.

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DL Farms Poultry are raised on healthful grains and allowed to roam.. Their high-protein diet provides the optimal amount of nutrients for our poultry to grow into bigger and more flavorful than those typically found at the supermarket.

Free Range Turkeys


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