Beef and Pork Availability

Beef by the half or whole:
8/24.   Processor: Lyons Country Meat
9/1  Processor: Lyons Country Meat
10/11 processor: Oak Hill Processing
12/20 processor: Oak Hill Processing

Pork by the half or whole:
6/9 processor: Lyons Country Meat
9/21  processor: Lyons Country Meat
10/14 processor: Oak Hill Processing
12/14 processor: Oak Hill Processing

Pork prices are $2.00@ lbs hanging weight
Beef prices are $4.99@ lbs hanging weight

Put your animal on layaway now for the winter ahead.
For more information contact DL Farms at 573-646-5002 or
Non-refundable deposit required on all beef and pork.

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